Internet technologies

25 stycznia 2016

Field of study: Computer engineering

Assessment methods: Test (for the second year of study).

Contents of the Education Lectures

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HyperText Markup Language 5.0
Cascading Style Sheets 3.0/4.0
Java Script, JSON, Introduction to: jQuery and AJAX
PHP 8 part I: • Syntax • Variables • Conditional Statements /Loops • AJAX with PHP
PHP 8 part II: • Functions • Arrays • Global Variables
PHP 8 part III: File Open/Read/Close • File Create/Write Cookies • Filters: Validating and sanitizing data
SQL, MySQL, Open a connection to DB with: PDO & MySQLi in PHP
SEO: Search Engine Optimization
Internet Technology Test 1 (for the second year of study) – The current exam dates are listed on the Moodle platform.
Internet Technology Test 2 (for the second year of study) 

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Internet Technologies Exercises (ONLY for the third year of study):

Each of the Students is required to give a Report of realized exercises, three times during the semester: First Report in the last week of March, the second Report in the last week of April, the third Report in the first week of June. Delay in handing over of the report by a week lowers the score by one degree. Assessments of the reports can not be improved.

The first stage of exercises – Report I: First of all you need to create an account on the WebServer (for example:,,; next: create a minimum of three webpages using HTML and CSS – including minimum 3 classes. On the pages must be a gallery – min. 12 images and 10 outbound links. Between the pages must be made navigation – links’ inbound. The topic of the site should relate to the subject matter of the course (for example: HTML 5 Canvas, SEO, Web Services, CMS, Google Maps API, CSS). The website must be entirely in English. Student creating text (* .docx version) describes the most interesting elements of work: CSS (classes), outbound and inbound links, gallery, validation in:; gives the URL to the proposed website and screenshots of web pages. *.docx version should have a: title page, table of contents, and should contain about 6 pages for everyone stage – Reports: I, II, III.

The second stage of exercises – Report II: Implement into your website a minimum of three PHP scripts and three JavaScript. These steps describe in *.docx version: present the most interesting scripts code, screenshots of action and implementation, review scripts: both the code and overall, validation. Formal requirements identical to those in the Report I.

The third stage of exercises – Report III: Design the database (max. several tables, min: 3) in a DBMS – MySQL to the your website. Describe efforts to positioning your website in the search engine: Present examples of queries in SQL. These steps describe the *.docx version. Formal requirements identical to those in the Report I and II.

During work on further reports, Student may consult the teacher in question properly prepare pages and *.docx versions to get the best scores. All documentation must be in English!

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